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Pope Francis Talks Satan in Sunday Homily

During last week’s Sunday address, Pope Francis talked about temptation and Satan.

“The tempter tries to divert Jesus from the Father’s plan, that is, from the path of sacrifice, of love that offers itself in expiation; to make Him take an easy road, [a road] of success and power,” the Pope said. “The devil, in fact, to divert Jesus from the way of the Cross, makes present to him the false messianic hopes: economic well-being, indicated by the ability to turn stones into bread; a spectacular and miraculous style, with the idea of casting Himself down from the highest point of the Temple of Jerusalem and being saved by angels; and finally the shortcut of power and domination, in exchange for an act of worship to Satan.”

“Jesus decisively rejects all these temptations and reaffirms [His] firm intention to follow the path established by the Father, without any compromise with sin or with the logic of the world,” the Pope continued. “Note well how Jesus responds: He doesn’t dialogue with Satan, as Eve did in the terrestrial Paradise. Jesus knows well that one can’t dialogue with Satan, because he is so cunning. For this reason, instead of dialoguing, as Eve did, Jesus chooses to take refuge in the Word of God and to respond with the power of this Word.”

“Let us remind ourselves of this in the moment of temptation, of our temptation: not arguing with Satan, but defending ourselves with the Word of God,” Pope Francis added. And this will save us.”

Pat Robertson: ‘X-Rated Movies May Invite Demons Into Your Life’

Pat Robertson warns his 700 Club viewers that demons could be invited into their lives by watching X-rated movies.

Aging televangelist Pat Robertson warned viewers during his Mar. 11 700 club broadcast that watching X-rated movies could lead to demon attacks. Suggesting the movies serve as a portal for demons to enter into unsuspecting people’s lives, he told a viewer that while it was unlikely, malevolent forces may have caused the viewer’s accident just days after watching a sinister movie.

“I was watching a horror movie the other day of the recommendation of others,” the viewer wrote in to the show seeking Robertson’s advice. “It was rather strange and awfully macabre. And then this past Sunday, I got into an accident leaving church.”

The viewer then asked if the televangelist believed that the car accident could have been caused by demons summoned by the watching of the X-rated flick.

“Did watching that movie cause a curse — or the Lord’s protection to be lifted from me?” the viewer asked. “Did I grieve the Holy Spirit by watching this series?”

Robertson responded that while he did not think it was likely the crash was caused by dark forces, the viewer may have opened the door to demons by watching the movie, a phenomena he knows to have happened before.

“A few years ago I heard about a teenage girl who was demon possessed, and people began to deal with the demon and try to cast it out,” Robertson said. “And you know what the demon said? ‘I had permission.’”


Video of Pastor Recounting Prophet Muhammad’s Agony in Hell Making Rounds in America

This video of South Korean pastor Bo Ra Choi’s vision of Muhammad in hell has been making its rounds among evangelicals in America. Recorded during worship in a South Korean church, the pastor is recounting the words of the suffering Muhammad in the grips of hell.

C-Fam: ‘The Devil is Behind the UN’s Letter to the Catholic Church’

In an open letter Austin Ruse, President of the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute warned that the  Catholic church is being forced to tell people to accept teen sex and abortion and that “only the devil could tell children they have a right to sex and abortion.”

The reason, he said, was a recent UN letter to the Catholic church which called the church to task for its stance on abortion, church teaching on gays and clergy sex abuse.

He concluded, “We are fighting the Evil One himself. For who else could inspire adults to say children have a right to fornication, contraception and abortion? So, pray like there is no tomorrow. ”

Dear Friend,

This happened two days ago and I am still furious that a UN committee has the temerity to tell the Catholic Church that it has to get over its opposition to unmarried teen sex. And contraception. And abortion. And perhaps the most insulting part of this is the committee is called the Committee on the Rights of the Child.

This committee has basically said that children have a right under this treaty to have sex, to use condoms and to get abortions. And that Church opposition to this is a violation of human rights. Here is what we need to do. Tell everyone. Tell everyone we know that this has happened. Tell everyone that the pipsqueaks on a UN committee have told the Church that the Church must fall into line with a UN committee.

This Committee actually told the Church that its teaching on homosexuality has caused violence against the same-sex attracted. The committee told the Church that baby drop-boxes, you know those things where moms in distress can leave their babies and not kill them, are violations of the treaty. Yet the committee says its a human right to kill them.


Here is my solution. Let’s let them hear us. Let’s let them hear us loud and clear. Thousands of us. Hundreds of thousands of us. I want you to sign the Declaration in Support of the Holy See. Already more than 40,000 have signed and more than 4,000 groups have signed. Can we get that number to 100,000? Higher? I bet we can if we work together.

Here is where you sign the Declaration in Support of the Holy See:

You say you aren’t Catholic? That is not a problem. Read the Declaration. You can see it is written in a way that people of all faiths and all denominations can sign. You are not endorsing the Church or its teachings, only the fact that the Holy See is a voice for the voiceless at the UN.

Go to and sign your name, from any country in the world! And then, send this message to your mom and dad or your children and all of your friends. Send it to your Church group. Send it everywhere.


What will I do with these names? With other pro-life groups, we will present them at UN headquarters in New York and Geneva. We will present them to the Papal Nuncios at the UN in both cities and we will present them in Rome.

What these radicals need a good shaking that only 100,000 people can do. Please sign the Declaration in Support of the Holy See and send this message to everyone you know and even those you don’t!

Finally, I ask for your prayers. We are fighting more than people here. We are fighting the Evil One himself. For who else could inspire adults to say children have a right to fornication, contraception and abortion? So, pray like there is no tomorrow. And get all your friends to sign the Declaration.

Yours sincerely,

Austin Ruse
Publisher/Friday Fax

Was Satan the Victor When a Snake-Handling Pastor Died from a Bite?

Jamie Coots was a man of devout faith who believed, as part of his worship experience, that he was called to handle poisonous snakes. As crazy as it sounds, snake-handling is an old Appalachian tradition that was born from the hard scrabble and fatalistic lives of the coal miners of the mountains.

Every day, coal miners worked in dank, dark, and dirty conditions where death was an ever-present reality. Living in company houses, working for ‘fake money’ that could only be used in the company store, and a continuous cycle of coal-grimed poverty was the powerless lives of the many of the first snake handlers.

Is it any surprise that they adapted their faith to a practice that helped them feel in control and full of the supernatural power of God?

Coots was well aware he had been handling poisonous and deadly snakes. He had already lost a finger to a previous bite. Yet, on the day he died, he picked up the snakes and risked everything again and when bit, went home to his couch instead of a hospital.

Does this mean Satan won? I don’t think so.  But to Jamie Coots, the devil was certainly real, and something that should not be heeded, even to the pain of death.

Read more about the life and death of Jamie Coots below.

And Satan Strolled By…

A blogger talks about his brush with Satan during the recent spate of snowstorms…

Crediting Marvels

I was out shoveling snow when Satan walked by on the sidewalk on the other side of the street.

Some of you don’t believe in the Devil. I wonder if that’s because you think of the red-skinned, horned and pointy-tailed creature that was made up for late night, fireside stories. devil (1) I think that’s kind of fun but I don’t think Satan comes that way.

Today, he was in shape and voice of an old woman, calling out across the street, “There’s more coming!” with just an edge of delight. “What?” I asked, thinking who would do such a thing to a man who was just starting to shovel out a driveway filled about 10 inches deep with snow. “Did you hear they said, ‘More is coming!” She held her hands close, against her dark clothes and gathering the edges of a long dark shawl. old woman3She scurried off acting as if…

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