And Satan Strolled By…

A blogger talks about his brush with Satan during the recent spate of snowstorms…

Crediting Marvels

I was out shoveling snow when Satan walked by on the sidewalk on the other side of the street.

Some of you don’t believe in the Devil. I wonder if that’s because you think of the red-skinned, horned and pointy-tailed creature that was made up for late night, fireside stories. devil (1) I think that’s kind of fun but I don’t think Satan comes that way.

Today, he was in shape and voice of an old woman, calling out across the street, “There’s more coming!” with just an edge of delight. “What?” I asked, thinking who would do such a thing to a man who was just starting to shovel out a driveway filled about 10 inches deep with snow. “Did you hear they said, ‘More is coming!” She held her hands close, against her dark clothes and gathering the edges of a long dark shawl. old woman3She scurried off acting as if…

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