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Swanson: ‘The Beatles Started America On the Path Towards the Grammy’s Devilish Orgy’

Right winger Kevin Swanson said that the Beatles are the ones who paved American pop culture’s descent into hell.

The radio host told his audience the shaggy-haired Brits encouraged “a secular demonic approach to things,” and demanded that the pop idols were truly apostates.

“It takes apostates to destroy a culture and to undermine a civilization, that’s how you get from ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ to ‘Let’s Do It In The Road,” he added.

He continued by saying that it is no coincidence that the same-sex orgyfest of this year’s Grammy Awards honored the group.

“And by the way, the 2014 Grammys celebrated The Beatles, yet again, and I think that’s important because The Beatles opened things up for us, that’s how we got to the drug culture of 1969 and 1970,” Swanson, who clearly never carried a way-cool Yellow Submarine lunchbox as a kid, pointed out.

Photo Credit: A Beatles Lunch Kit/Gamborrati