Satanic Teen Serial Killer Miranda Barbour Kept Journal Chronicling Her Alleged Crimes (or Fantasies)

Miranda Barbour has confessed to killing as many as 100 people in retribution for her own childhood of abuse. It is a claim even her mother, Elizabeth Dean, cannot believe, despite Miranda’s troubled childhood in Alaska.

“She would be gone for days at a time,” Dean said of her daughter, now age 19. “I would be out on the streets looking for her.”

Miranda’s mom also described in a recent media interview incidents where Miranda  would harm herself. While in Alaska, Miranda’s alleged training ground for her crime spree, the teen was also known to hang out on the docks, winding up pregnant at young age.

After Barbour’s arrest, however, Dean was handed a journal that Miranda’s husband insisted was written by his teen wife. Inside of it, according to her mother, are the chronicles of a deranged killing spree that her mother insists ‘can’t be true.’

So what should be made of this alleged diary of a serial killer? Reporter Francis Scarcella, of the Daily Item, talked about his interview with Miranda, what evidence may be found in the journal, and if this teen should be believed in a story published in the New York Post.

Miranda fills in the missing days of her childhood with stories of horrors. She was part of a Satanic cult, she says, a gang that would perform occult rituals in the Alaskan woods.

She first killed at age 13.

“I lured a man into an alley that owed the gang leader money,” Miranda said.

“He shot the man and then gave me the gun and told me it was my turn. I hate guns and I couldn’t do it, so he put his hands on my hands and we pulled the trigger,” she said.

Authorities are still trying to find out if there is any truth to what Miranda is claiming.

Miranda explained at that point she knew she had something bad inside her and that Satanism let her embrace it.

After that, she said she only targeted “bad people” and those who had hurt children. She says she’s willing to “pinpoint on a map” where she murdered.

An ex-boyfriend, meanwhile, has given Dean an old journal he claims is Miranda’s — a diary the mother will not release but wants to talk to her about.

“There are things in here that just can’t be true,” Dean said. “Some of this I just don’t believe.

“I don’t believe she has done any of what she is saying, and I don’t know why she is saying all of these things.”

“Who’s to say how many,” Elytte said about his wife’s claims during a phone call placed to reporters.

“I know what she told me was 50-50.”

Authorities are still scrambling in various states trying to see if there is any truth to what Miranda is claiming.

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