Satan in 2014: Bigger, Badder and More Gay

Between using Miley Cyrus to teach young girls demonic sex rites to trying to outlaw Christianity and murdering God-fearing Christians, 2013 turned out to be a busy year for Satan.  Yet, not to be outdone, during the first weeks of the 2014, Satan has been hard at work, launching a sinister war on America and her youth with the help of the Obamas, pop stars and implanted lies.

Here are three ways 2014 is already turning out to be a bigger, better and gayer year for the Dark Lord (at least according to the Religious Right).

Using the Obamas and Same Sex Marriage to Corrupt the Minds of Innocent Children

Americans For Truth About Homosexuality head Peter LaBarbera says that the Obama’s White House is behind an “evil movement” spearheaded by Satan that “corrupts the minds and the souls of young children.”

During a Jan. 2 interview, he accused the Obama White House of celebrating homosexuality and imposing the evil, marriage equality platform on the nation to destroy American youth.

“The homosexual so-called marriage movement has become a huge platform to corrupt children,” he told Eliason during the VCY show.

He also made it clear that the evil plot comes from Satan and the sinister savant is behind the scenes, orchestrating the gay agenda and convincing people they are really gay or transgender through feelings.

“I’ll tell you what Vic, Satan really works through feelings, doesn’t he?” he said, warning others to avoid those Satanic emotions to an instead embrace an unfeeling, straight life.

“Life is not what you feel,” he advised. “If every married couple acted on their given feelings day-to-day we would have a lot more divorces in this culture, wouldn’t we? Feelings do not determine truth.”

Implanting People Who Are Transgender with Lies

Like LaBarbara, right-wing pastor Bryan Fischer accused Satan of being behind persons who are transgender and their calls for inclusion and acceptance.  For Fischer, however, Satan is not working through feelings, but lies implanted in people to force them to turn away from scriptural truths and the gender God gave them.

On Jan. 16, Fischer explained to his radio audience that persons who are transgender have embraced the lies Satan has implanted in their heads. This confusion forced on them by the Dark Lord makes them reject the “the truth that we find in the Scriptures, that you are either male or female.”

He concluded that persons who are transgender need to simply exorcise the satanic thoughts through prayer and “they will be free of their gender confusion,” and more able to embrace the “scientific facts” of their gender assigned to them by DNA.

Launching Demonic Attack in America Using ‘Witches’ Like Madonna and Nikki Minaj

According to right-winger Rick Wiles a “deadly cabal of Illuminati, Freemasons, and Communists … have infiltrated the U.S. leadership and brainwashed our children.”

The all-out war, as it turns out, has been going on since 2012 when Satan used pop stars to launch his D-Day (Demonic Day) attack.

“2012 started with witches conducting nationally televised occult rituals to announce the D-Day invasion,” Wiles told listeners during a Jan.10 radio broadcast. “I’m referring to the satanic performances of performers such as Nicki Minaj and Madonna on national TV programs in early 2012.”

Wiles also said if you look back, you will see that Satan is now reaping the benefits of the war he started two years ago.

“If you think back to the bizarre way 2012 started, you’ll see the makings of a full-scale military-style demonic attack on the body of Christ in this nation,” Wiles said, pointing out that 2012 also marked the re-election of “America’s illegal President.”

“Nothing like it has ever happened in the history of this country,” he further warned, encouraging America to join in the fight against Satan and sinister forces now in power in America.

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