Storkersen: Oklahoma Satan statue is nothing to worry about

IE Grapevine

Back in 2012, a large monument of the Ten Commandments was built outside the Oklahoma State Capitol.

Braeden Storkersen Braeden Storkersen

This brought a wide variety of controversy due to the fact that the United States of America is a country filled with religious diversity. Therefore, several local religious leaders began to submit proposals for different monuments to be added declaring that it would be unconstitutional if there was simply a Christian monument but not one for other religions.

These proposals included Hindu gods, men like Buddha or Muhammad, and even the satirical mascot of atheism, the flying spaghetti monster. Every single one of these proposals was approved as long as the people who brought the idea forward could back it up with the funding. Yet not a single group could raise the proper amount of money to develop such a project. Eventually every single idea failed, leaving only the Christian monument…

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