Devil in Movies: Devil’s Due

Largely panned by critics and moviegoers alike, Devil’s Due is a 2014 thriller that the Guardian’s Mike McCahill described as a  “silly horror movie in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby is as substantial as seeing The Exorcist redone on Snapchat.”

Filmed in a Blair Witch project, handheld camera style, the film centers on a newlywed couple who begin to notice that weird things are happening with his wife’s body after their marriage.

The paper-thin premise for the shaky camera is that the husband is a camera buff and wants to film everything about their new lives together, but even the birth of a satanic baby cannot save this film, which is marred by an unoriginal premise, reality show docu-feel and bad acting.

One audience member commented on IMDb after seeing the show, “Anyone who worked on “Devil’s Due” should never work again.”


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