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Actress Roma Downey: ‘I Cast Satan Out of Son of God Movie’

Actress Roma Downey said that it is just like Satan to take center stage and draw attention from the hero of her movie, the son of God.

“I am sure Satan loved being the center of attention for a day,” she said recently, referring to a scandal that erupted over the actor who portrays Satan, and happens to look a lot like President Barack Obama.

“It was all over TV and all over the Internet and that next day, when I was sure everyone would be only talking about Jesus, they were all talking about Satan instead,” Downey said. “I was saddened. It was really disappointing, because it became such a distraction and then it became ugly and people were making such nasty statements.”

The uproar also caused the Obama-like Satan to be cut from the theatrical release of ‘Son of God’, which opens nationwide at the end of February.

“I want the name of Jesus to be on the lips of everyone who sees this movie, so I cast Satan out,” she quipped. “It absolutely gives me great pleasure to tell you that the devil is on the cutting room floor.”

Roma Downey: ‘I am sure Satan Loved Being Center of Attention

“I knew it was just like Satan the narcissist to make it all about him and create division, I am sure Satan loved being the center of attention for a day.” Romney Downey on the controversy of having Satan played by a character that looks like Obama in ‘Son of God’.

Swanson: ‘The Beatles Started America On the Path Towards the Grammy’s Devilish Orgy’

Right winger Kevin Swanson said that the Beatles are the ones who paved American pop culture’s descent into hell.

The radio host told his audience the shaggy-haired Brits encouraged “a secular demonic approach to things,” and demanded that the pop idols were truly apostates.

“It takes apostates to destroy a culture and to undermine a civilization, that’s how you get from ‘I Want To Hold Your Hand’ to ‘Let’s Do It In The Road,” he added.

He continued by saying that it is no coincidence that the same-sex orgyfest of this year’s Grammy Awards honored the group.

“And by the way, the 2014 Grammys celebrated The Beatles, yet again, and I think that’s important because The Beatles opened things up for us, that’s how we got to the drug culture of 1969 and 1970,” Swanson, who clearly never carried a way-cool Yellow Submarine lunchbox as a kid, pointed out.

Photo Credit: A Beatles Lunch Kit/Gamborrati

Devil in Movies: Devil’s Due

Largely panned by critics and moviegoers alike, Devil’s Due is a 2014 thriller that the Guardian’s Mike McCahill described as a  “silly horror movie in the vein of Rosemary’s Baby is as substantial as seeing The Exorcist redone on Snapchat.”

Filmed in a Blair Witch project, handheld camera style, the film centers on a newlywed couple who begin to notice that weird things are happening with his wife’s body after their marriage.

The paper-thin premise for the shaky camera is that the husband is a camera buff and wants to film everything about their new lives together, but even the birth of a satanic baby cannot save this film, which is marred by an unoriginal premise, reality show docu-feel and bad acting.

One audience member commented on IMDb after seeing the show, “Anyone who worked on “Devil’s Due” should never work again.”


The Link Between Infuriating Game ‘Flappy Bird’ and Satan

When the game Flappy Bird hit the top of the App store rankings, some speculated something was amiss. As it turns out, Satan may have something to do with the infuriating games quick rise to the top.

While no one is accusing the Dark Lord of interfering, when Myron Chiu at Sensor Tower analysed the reviews of the Flappy Bird game, he found many of them mentioned the term ‘Satan.’  He also noticed that the reviews, on average were much longer than similar reviews for other games.

His conclusion? It seems that the Flappy Bird developers may have been gaming the system, something that developer Dong Nguyen flatly denies.

Regardless, lovers of Flappy Bird should plan to download it soon; Nguyen plans on yanking it from the App Store to avoid further controversy.

Photo Credit: Flappy Bird Screenshot